Climate-Smart Farming & Marketing

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Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA)

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA) is committed to creating a sustainable and equitable regional food system that benefits all consumers, farmers, farmworkers, and ecosystems.

We achieve this by bringing together farmers, consumers, businesses, nonprofits, and governments to make the Carolinas a model for a better, cleaner, and healthier food system.

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(CISA) Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) works to build a strong, resilient, equitable food system in western Massachusetts and beyond.

This work includes building connections between farmers and the broader community, improving farm business viability, and enhancing food access for residents across the region.

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Future Harvest

Since 1998, Future Harvest – a membership nonprofit – has been proud of its role in moving the Chesapeake region’s agriculture forward.

Their member farms are leaders and practical laboratories for developing and championing practices that lead to commercial success through the lens of protecting soils and waterways. The organization is known for their farmer-to-farmer education, beginner farmer training, annual conference, work in soil health, and community building among farmers, food businesses, policy makers, and consumers.

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Maine Farmland Trust

Since 1999, Maine Farmland Trust has protected Maine’s farmland and supported its agricultural communities.

Through farmer-centered programming—including agricultural conservation easements, farmland access resources, programs and technical assistance to strengthen farms’ resilience, and legislative advocacy—MFT is growing a future where farmers and our communities can thrive.

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Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, MOFGA

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association provides education, training, resources and individual support to farmers as part of their work to create a food system that is healthy and fair for all of us.

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Through education and advocacy, NOFA/Mass promotes organic agriculture to expand the production and availability of nutritious food from living soil for the health of individuals, communities, and the planet.

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The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey (NOFA NJ) has supported and advocated for organic farming and local food systems in the Garden State since 1985.

From technical support to educational programming and policy advocacy, our work is dynamic, community-focused, and has lasting impacts throughout the entire food system.

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NOFA-NY is an organization of farmers, gardeners, and consumers working together to create a sustainable regional food system that’s ecologically sound and economically viable.

Through demonstration and education, we promote land stewardship, organic food production, and local marketing; bringing consumer and farmer together to make high-quality food available to all people.

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NOFA-VT promotes organic practices to build an economically viable, ecologically sound & socially just Vermont agricultural system that benefits all living things.

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Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management (OpenTEAM) is an initiative facilitated by Wolfe’s Neck Center, a nonprofit, farm-based education, research, and visitor center on a mission to transform our relationship with food and farming for a healthier planet.

By facilitating knowledge and best practice sharing, educating a wide variety of learners, and convening a community of people who care about the future of food and the planet, Wolfe’s Neck Center aims to help make agriculture a solution to climate change.

Through OpenTEAM, Wolfe’s Neck Center convenes diverse stakeholders to equip food system leaders with shared knowledge, collaborative frameworks, and open-source, connected technologies to build climate change resilience and thriving communities.

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Our Sci LLC

Our Sci supports community-driven science through software, hardware, and training.

Our Sci specializes in creating accessible, open-source platforms and tools for citizens to create and manage their own research collaborations. Our Sci enables communities to build shared research endeavors using open-source tools and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) data standards to create a culture in which all community members can not only contribute to, but also benefit from, these projects.

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Pasa Sustainable Agriculture

Pasa is a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit providing farmer-driven education, research & community.

For many, Pasa is synonymous with their annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference, which has been a treasured gathering for farmers and food system changemakers for over 30 years.

They also organize year-round educational and community events, administer farming apprenticeships, coordinate farm-based research studies, advocate for food systems equity, and provide direct technical assistance to farmers who want to grow climate solutions.

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Pocasset Pokanoket Land Trust (PPLT)

PPLT, is an American Indian land trust that supports the preservation of indigenous culture, history, and promotes environmental healing.

Through programs with an indigenous framework, PPLT enhances community food sovereignty, provides training on natural resource conservation, and boosts farmers’ financial capacity while educating individuals about indigenous land stewardship and sacred protection of Mother Earth.

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The Ramaough Culture and Land Foundation

Preserving and restoring the economic, social, cultural, sacred and environmental assets of the Ramapough Munsee ancestral lands.

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